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Shia Labeouf for interview magazine november 2014


Can I please have him

The amount of anon hate on your dash is absolutely insane to me.

I’ve never been well liked. Then tumblr happened. Anonymous messages = a haters dream come true.

Why is there so much hate on using your phone in your car? Im on mine right now, traffic is fucked

I understand the worry but these days everyone does it. I look at my phone to change my music so I can keep catchy music playing. I’m not having full conversations with anyone. It’s a 6 hour drive alone to a state where half of the drive there will be nothing on either side of the freeway. Pretty sure I’d fall asleep without my phone on a drive like this.

I know you're from AZ but since you live in California i was wondering why you were heading back home? Hope you have a safe drive :p

I was supposed to take a class to renew my cosmetology license but due to rules I don’t notice on the sign up form I needed to submit to go way earlier than I thought. So now it’s just a vacation to we all of my friends and family.

you are a complete fuckwad for using your phone while driving. Don't be an idiot and put yours and other people's lives at risk.

You can fuck off now. 👋

Don't use your phone while you're driving, idiot.

If I’m such an idiot you can do yourself, and me, a favor and unfollow me.

I’m about to start my night drive to Phoenix. Ask me stuff and keep me entertained to some extent.